Waste incineration

We have a furnace for the incineration for hazardous and industrial waste

We have a modern comprehensive resource recovery and thermal treatment facility for industrial waste (hazardous and non-hazarodus).

Waste thermal treatment is carried out with a rotary kiln built and designed by ABB Air Preheater United States

Our facilities are suitable for storage and processing waste in its different forms or states. The plant has adequate facilities for correct storage in drums, bins and in bulk.

Borg Argentina has a modern laboratory equipped with all the necessary instruments to carry out physical-chemical analyses. Qualified personnel carry out the continuous control of the operation, the environmental monitoring of the activities in plant. In addition, the plant offers external environmental and industrial services regarding characterization and monitoring with its laboratory.

The facilities provides a comprehensive management with a modern fleet of trucks with its own qualified washing plant to provide an superb service.

Therefore, our proposals includes waste analysis, transportation, container washing, and thermal destruction of hazardous and industrial waste.


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